Saturday, February 13, 2010

Innocent World Lucky Pack

A few days ago I got the package I've been waiting for. A box from my shopping service (for those of you who don't know what a shopping service is; It's a company in an other country/area that goes to local shops to buy you things. For example Japanese auction sites will not ship international, so you need a shopping service to use them.) My box was full of lucky packs and items from auction sites. I would like to share with everyone my lucky packs.

 Starting with Innocent World
Looks promising The print is the limited edition for 10th anniversary 
I got:10th Anniversary skirt in pink, White Blouse, Rose socks, music note earrings, Alice in wonderland broach, and a sliver ring. the blouse was like really small smaller then Alice and the Pirates or Angelic Pretty!
I'm really excited that I got earrings, I'm seriously lacking in brand earrings.  The broach with the bunny on it spins around and the other side has a lolita on it. I wish the ring had also been antique color and not the white silver. All in all though this was a great pack! I might trade my skirt for the black version, But I love the print.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Suppurate System Lucky Pack

Time for another lucky pack. Today I got my Suppurate System Lucky Pack.  I ordered it way back on 12/31/09 and I finally received it today.
Seriously they sent me like 20 fliers and 2 post cards 
the bag was really small, but it only has to hold accessories. So I was still hopeful.

Tada! yay my pack included a crown; Suppurate System is known for their crowns and resin jewelry.

It's so pretty. but I was a little bummed out that the tag was from Halloween...

I also got these 3 rings, the one in the middle was damaged though. 
The emblem in the middle wasn't glued in so I just super glued it.
I got these rings All in all it was a great pack,  I was disappointed to get so many rings. Last year the pack was half the price and had only 4 -5 items this year they had so many items! (but it was 10000¥ )

Also I want to say thank you to everyone who entered the Calendar contest. Please check back for our next give away.
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