Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lucky Pack Time!! (First)

This is me. I am a plus size lolita, simple as that. This blog is not about size, shape or creed. It's about lolita pure and simple.  Lolita is something that is very important to me, not for the fashion, but for the friends. 
With that said, I would like to christen this blog and get this first post under way. 
Over the next month I will be receiving all the lucky-packs I've ordered. I know there are always a million questions about what these are and where you can get them. So I present the first post:

 福袋 (Fukubukuro) A.K.A. Lucky pack, Mystery bag, Lucky bag
WHEN- The best time to buy these is new years between the end of December and the end of January. This is when they mostly get released. They are also released in the summer, but those packs tend to have back stock and items no one really wanted.
WHAT- Some bands include an entire outfit. For example this year Angelic Pretty made a limited edition print and offered it in 2 pack types. a JSK (jumper skirt, sleeveless dress) and an OP (one piece, sleeved dress)  you can see the sample Image on the right (the OP version). The JSK version also included a blouse.  Every band offers something similar. Even non-lolita brands release packs.

WHY- Lucky packs offer many items at a great discount. The angelic pretty (AP) one posted here was 15000 yen so about $165 (with current exchange rate) that's less then the price of a single blouse or skirt from AP! These packs are a great way for a beginner to get some items and because the pack usually matches you can wear it right out of the bag. Other more expensive brands like Juliette et Justine offer packs as well this year it cost 30000 yen ($315) and contained 4-6 items. 

Now let me share with you one of the Lucky Packs I got this year from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright 

 "BABY Muffler & Gloves set"

Ribbon head bow

Price 6,825(includes tax)

the website displayed this image (above), so I mostly knew what I was getting the only thing that was questionable was the color....

Here is the pack I received. I got pink! I don't really wear alot of pink but that's how it goes buying lucky packs. I'm really glad I got these other socks and not the ones pictured. My items ended up not being coordinated very well, but I don't really plan to wear it all together. 

I have a lot more lucky packs coming and you can expect all of them to be posted and reviewed!
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