Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Brand Novelities

Novelties are items brands give away for free (if your spend a certain amount). Many of these novelties are small items like postcards or pins. However some times that are stuffed animals or even jewelry. Here are some of the novelties I've received  over the years.
Here are some of the post cards I've collected. At the top are some Angelic Pretty Ones and the rest are Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Also the one at the top right is signed by Auska and Maki (the designers for Angelic Pretty)
Often Novelties can be catalogs.
The letter set on the left is from Metamorphose and the planner on the right is from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright.  You can get planners as novelties around the new year, normally they start to give them out around the end of November.
Some of my favorite jewelry items I've gotten. They are all from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.
These are lunch bags on the left is from Metamorphose and the right is from Angelic Pretty
Limited edition Angelic Pretty Bear. Her foot is numbered I got 21/210.
This is my most recent Item. I got this with my reservation Alice and the Pirates Sleeping beauty series
Hope you enjoyed this post!

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