Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lucky Pack H.Naoto Gramm

I want to announce I will now be posting every Saturday! 
Please check back on Saturdays for new posts 

H.Naoto Gramm is one of my favorite brands, but it's more expensive then a brand like Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.  So a lucky pack is a great way to get some items at a great price! I missed them when they were sold on the official site so I had to get mine off an auction site. The packs came in 2 sizes a 5000¥ and a 15000¥. The 5000¥ was most likely an accessories pack and the 15000¥ had clothes (this works as a general rule for most lucky packs). I got the 5000¥ pack.
exciting!  Before I open my packs I always try to gauge what could be inside by feeling the bag.

I got (starting on the left) a cross body purse, a small pouch, sock/leg warmers, and a novelty towel.
Thank you for reading!

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